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SRT has been created with the Intention and Purpose of Empowering individuals with our one of a kind Energetic Technology called the Subconscious Release Technique or SRT. This technique allows people to completely reprogram their mind, remove any mental and emotional blockages or stopping patterns from their past, so they can Create the Life they were meant to be living. 
We Inspire and Teach Leadership and Manifestation Techniques that have been passed down from the Greatest Teachers of all time...knowing that this information, when applied correctly, can completely transform a person’s life and will open them up to living their True Unique God-Given Purpose leaving their special mark on this Planet. We look forward to Meeting you and Welcoming you into our Community of Leaders!

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Emma Hartley

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"My life has completely changed since I learned the Subconscious Release Technique! My good life turned into a fantastic dream life! New luxury car, new jobs, then completely new career! I have more work than ever and have the ability to choose when I want to work! I now travel the world and get to help people all over the planet. Best of all is my feeling of complete control over my life as I create my destiny and dream life. Free from past old thoughts that didn’t serve me to creating my magnificent obsession life! Yay!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!" -Katy
“All the therapy and drugs I have been through to help deal with my traumas and PTSD did little to push me past it. I felt like I was still swimming in it. SRT has helped me blow right through my blocks. I feel so much clearer and lighter.” -Ruth
”Since using the SRT I’ve noticed dramatic changes in my life. As a result, I became certified and began working with my High School kids. What I witnessed was better grades, more responsibility, and better friend selection. Their self esteem and social skills have improved as well, which as a parent is always a goal your working towards. I am so thankful this technique came into my life and that I am able to help and strengthen others, especially my kids. I love that it’s such a user friendly tool! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” -Leilani

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We believe each person needs to take full personal responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and amount of effort they put in to their training...therefore we have a no refund policy. Please reach out if you need help or guidance with any of the training. We also believe that all forms of healing can be beneficial and would recommend using SRT in correlation with your Doctor’s or Mental Health Professional’s recommendations. We are so excited for your transformation and for all of the Lives You are going to Positively Impact 💛💛💛
For Questions Please Email: members@srtmethod.info
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For Questions Please Email: members@srtmethod.info